Alzheimer’s Foundation offers tips for adapting daily routine

NEW YORK — Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is offering tips for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

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A release from the foundation says that changes in routine could lead to anxiety, confusion agitation and discomfort.

The foundation shared tips caregivers can use to help keep loved ones calm and comfortable:

  • Maintain a schedule. This can also include creating a schedule of what the person enjoys doing.
  • Bring items, such as a favorite meal from a restaurant, to the home.
  • Keep the loved one active.
  • Stay connected with others through FaceTime and other forms of electronic communications.
  • Keeping positive and familiar items around can reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Stay supportive through body language and attitude.

For more tips and information on adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact AFA’s Helpline at (866) 232-8484.

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