Jacksonians prepare for Shelter at Home order

JACKSON, Tenn. — Sunday afternoon, Jacksonians packed out a local grocery store to prepare for the shelter at home order put in place by both city and county mayors.

Screen Shot 2020 04 05 At 9.23.16 PmJalecia Hudson said she’s grabbing a few things for her household.

“I am, but at the same time I’m not because I still have to work,” said essential worker Jalecia Hudson.

The executive order states people who work for essential businesses will still be able to go to work.

“I’m kind of locked down, until I got to go to work so yeah,” said Hudson.

On the other hand, Jay Brasfield said he will have to stay home, but before he does, he had to make another trip to the store.

“Well I’m married, so my wife comes up with other things that I need to do, so I said let’s go back out, and get the things that we need,” said Jay Brasfield a non essential worker.

Brasfield said this is a chance for him to get things done around the house.

“Just get back to the basics, do the things that you need to do with your family, and it’s a new situation, just roll with it,” said Brasfield.

“We want to be at home, and everybody at home wants to be at work, I’m like no, we’re like scared, we’re scared, we want to be at home with our families too,” said Hudson.

“Oh it will be over soon, we’ll all be hugging and kissing at church and shaking hands and everything else,” said Brasfield.

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