McNairy County Sheriff’s Office raises suicide awareness with push-up challenge

MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. — For 22 days, deputies with the McNairy County Sheriff’s Office have been doing 22 push-ups a day.

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It all started when Investigator Kevin Carter got a call from a former co-worker.

“We’re doing this challenge for suicide awareness, for the veterans of the United States Armed Forces,” Carter said. “He asked me if we’d be willing to participate and I said absolutely.”

They’ve traveled all around McNairy County doing push-ups in front of the Shiloh Battlefield Military Park, inside the old jail, and even at their houses.

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“The responses of the Facebook page have been very positive. ‘Thanks for your service.’ You know, ‘thanks for bringing awareness and a positive light to the suicide,'” Carter said.

And it’s not just the McNairy County Sheriff’s Office participating in the challenge. Police departments and sheriff’s offices all across West Tennessee are joining in.

“Tennessee Highway Patrol, Selmer Police Deparment, and then they’ve reached out and challenged Hardin Coounty Sheriff’s Office, Savannah PD,” Carter said.

And Thursday was the last day for the challenge for the McNairy County Sheriff’s Office.

“Today is day 22 of the 22-day push-up challenge, and I’m going to be doing it in front of the McNairy County Jail,” Carter said.

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If you’re a veteran and need help, call the Veterans’ Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 or text 838255.

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