Officials share safety tips following Beech Lake opening

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — As the holiday weekend approaches and the state continues to reopen for recreation, West Tennesseans flock to the water.

Beech Lake

“It’s wide open space, and so far, people are enjoying getting out on the lake because you have the ability to social distance there, and it’s good for you,” said Henderson County Chamber Executive Director Kim Douglas.

People wanting to swim while keeping their distance may turn to more natural options, like Beech Lake. Plus, the upcoming holiday weekend may draw even more out to the water.

“We’re also still recommending people, while you’re out and swimming, remember to follow CDC guidelines and social distance,” said Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesperson Amy Snider.

“If you’re in boats, don’t raft together. You can anchor 6 feet from each other and still enjoy each other’s company,” Snider said.

Snider has a few basic safety tips to keep in mind while swimming out in recreational water.

“It’s always handy to have a life jacket around. A lot of times, I’ll have one right there when I’m swimming just to have one. You never know,” Snider said.

“Don’t swim around marinas. If you’re somewhere and there’s a marina with electrical problems, you can get shocked. Unfortunately, we’ve had one [fatality] a year,” Snider said.

“When you’re swimming around boats, make sure the boat is turned off,” Snider said.

To enjoy a day at Beech Lake, you’ll need a permit. You can  also swim in other designated recreational lakes in the area.

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