Shiloh National Military Park reopens Visitor Center

SHILOH, Tenn. — Shiloh National Military Park never completely closed to the public at any point, even in the early days of the COVID-19.

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However on June 23, they were finally able to reopen the whole park.

“Now, the Visitors Centers, the bookstores, all the restroom facilities, picnic area, they are all open now,” said Shiloh National Military Park, Park Ranger Chris Mekow.

Visitors are now free to roam around, though there are some slight changes.

“We’re only allowing 40 visitors into the Visitor Center at any one time, and the Visitor Center is also where we show the film, so we’ve spaced out the seating so people can social distance in the movie theatre,” Mekow said.

“All rangers on duty wear a mask, that interact with the public,” Mekow said.

COVID-19 may have initially scared some people away, but park officials say they are beginning to rebound.

“We’re almost back up to the numbers we were seeing at this time last year,” Mekow said. “All facilities are open and accessible to the public. We just ask that you social distance.”

They have also restarted their ranger tours.

Officials have also put out hand sanitizer around the facilities and encourage guests to use them.

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