JMCSS official discusses back-to-school plan

JACKSON, Tenn. — Wednesday afternoon, the Jackson-Madison County School System updated their New Normal Initiative with an official start date for students and teachers.

Jmcss Return To School

“The start date for the Jackson-Madison County School System is August 24,” said Chief of Staff and Public Information Greg Hammond.

He says teachers will go back August 10 to train for curriculum and any new coronavirus related changes.

“Teachers are preparing not just for those early lessons in the school year, but what if there’s a pause. What if we have to go back home again,” Hammond said.

JMCSS is offering parents three choices to consider for how they want their children to reenter school.

“The first option is the traditional classroom. Students are back on campus in-person receiving instruction and learning in person five days a week,” Hammond said.

The school system is offering short and long-term options for parents who don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school just yet.

Jmcss Return To School 2

“This virtual option will last for nine weeks where you will receive instruction and learning virtually,” Hammond said.

There is also a CyberSchool option where students can learn virtually all year long.

“There are some parents who have already decided they’re not going to send their kids back, so this option is for them,” Hammond said.

Hammond says the school system will be adding updated protocols and procedures in the near future.

Students will have to register for the virtual and CyberSchool options.

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