Hands Up! Preschool holds drive-thru lemonade stand

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local preschool hosted a different type of fundraiser on Friday.

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If you enjoy lemonade, Hands Up! Preschool had you covered with a special theme.

“Our four-year-old friends have been talking about the letter L, so they’ve been tasting lemons and limes and making their own recipes of lemonade,” said Assistant Teacher Hilary Jones. “And today we’re going to sell our lemonade to the community.”

The preschool took a different approach to their lemonade stand, drive-thru style. 

“Well one of the things we stress around here is literacy, early reading skills. In addition to that, it also helps them with their math skills, they learn about money,” Jones said.

This fundraiser prepares the students in many areas. This year they learned that even though there were obstacles like COVID-19, it didn’t stop their plans, giving them a better solution.

“To think outside of the box and make the best out of the situation,” said Assistant Director Travia Cotton. “And so this just gives them another outlook on how to do it, because you don’t always have to do something the same way every year.”

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Their mission for teaching the students doesn’t just stay in the classroom. They’re teaching them more than just how to make money and other day to day things. 

With COVID-19, teachers are making a way for the kids to learn.

“Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It’s all around us. If we talk about masks all day, our teachers wear shields because they need to see them for literacy reasons, speaking,” Cotton said.

The preschool plans to continue the lemonade stand in the future.

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