What does a holiday workday look like for local police?

TRENTON, Tenn.–While many people are off from work this Christmas celebrating the season with their families, not all have that ability.

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Law enforcement works 24/7 to make sure we’re safe.

“As far as Christmas goes, it’s pretty much like every other day that we work,” Senior Patrolman with the Trenton Police Department, James Garofalo, said.

What’s a major holiday for most is just another workday for some.

James Garofalo is the senior patrolman at the Trenton Police Department, and says it’s definitely not his first time working the holiday.

“The calls for service, we handle every one of those calls like we would any other day,” Garofalo said.

Usually, when the officers on duty aren’t responding to calls, Garofalo says there’s reports or other work at the station to catch up on.

However, he says the amount of calls just depends, sometimes they’re busy and sometimes they’re slow.

“Historically, Christmas time has a lot of stress, and we tend to get more domestic related calls,” Garofalo said.

Some of the positives of working the holiday include community members bringing in snacks, and knowing they’re keeping the community safe.

“You’re still protecting people, and businesses, and things like that, and people can be home enjoying their time with their family, knowing that their property is safe,” Garofalo said.

Don’t forget those who take the time away from their loved ones to protect your community.

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