Locals excited for post holiday shopping

JACKSON, Tenn, –Shoppers headed out to the stores following the end of the holiday season. WBBJ-7 spoke with shoppers to find out what brought them out.

With holiday shopping behind us, it’s time to see how people plan to shop for the new year and what they plan to purchase.

“Are you happy holiday shopping is over?” Yes ma’am. We got lucky. It wasn’t many people in there so I got in and out quick,”  said shopper, Marty Hurst.

“Yes and there’s a lot of sales going on right now so we just came to check it out,” said shopper Ashi Patel.

Shoppers say with the stress of having to purchase things for others during the holidays over; it’s nice to be able to get themselves something now.

“Bullets. They’re hard to find now and we like to shoot. We live out in the country and we do a lot of shooting, target shooting,” Hurst said.

“I’ll be going to college this year so maybe getting dorm stuff and stuff like that,” Patel said.

Shoppers say the traffic of holiday shopping was different depending on where you shopped.

“Yes. It was very packed. We’ve been to like a couple places and it’s been really packed. I work in the mall and it’s been packed like everyday since the holiday,” Patel said.

“Oh yeah. It’s nowhere near as crowded. Nowhere,” Hurst said.

Shoppers say there are a variety of deals that have emerged following the closing of holiday shopping and that’s the best part.

“I’ve seen a couple of videos about Target having like 90% off sales on their Christmas items so we just came to check it out,” said Patel.

So it seems like, as a whole, people are excited and happy that holiday shopping has finally come to an end.


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