Health department discusses juggle of giving out first, second doses of vaccine

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department has given out thousands of first-doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

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But how do they plan on giving out the second dose while still scheduling the first for many more people?

In less than a month, the health department has vaccinated 3,900 people. West Tennessee Healthcare has added to that with 5,000.

“It allowed us to move on to that 75 plus population quicker than we expected to,” said health department Regional Director Kim Tedford.

Getting that first dose out has proven to be really hectic so far.

“It’s a scheduling nightmare,” Tedford said.

Tedford shared a picture of the calendar they’re using to make sure they have enough days scheduled for both first and second doses.

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“The only lull that it’s going to create is the availability of the vaccine,” Tedford said.

That is because for the rest of January, they’re expecting a limited supply of doses. Many raised questions about what happened to the almost 500 doses of vaccine that were not used at Thursday’s vaccination clinic.

“What we actually did was swap out vaccine with the hospital because they were starting to vaccinate the next day with second doses,” Tedford said. “They kept what they had frozen for us to start with this week, and they used what was thawed to start their vaccination process.”

And as long as the vaccine is available, they’ll be making time to get it out.

“We’re up for the task. Give us the vaccine and we’re ready to go,” Tedford said.

Currently, Madison County is still in phase 1a2 of vaccinations. They plan to start phase 1b, with teachers, on Friday.

The health department is not taking any appointments for vaccinations at this time. Please do not call the health department to try to schedule one.

If you’ve received your first dose, you should already be scheduled for your second.

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