Local restaurant offers cook at home experience

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new way to eat from home is being offered in the hub city. Mama Baudo’s Chow Bella is now offering an authentic cook at home experience.

“We have our mama’s apron boxes. This lets you be the chef a little bit. We do the hard part for you by cooking up the sauces. Because we cook our sauces a minimum of six hours, sometimes eight hours for our meat sauce,” said Mama Baudo‚Äôs Chow Bella owner, Jack Baudo.

Everything comes packaged inside and you have the choice of choosing the type of pasta you want, the type of sauce you’d like, and the type of dressing for your salad.

“The sauce comes packaged up. You pick the one you want, you pick your pasta. It’s in here. We have our salad all made up, bagged up for you and the little fixings to go with it, with cucumbers and tomatoes, our homemade croutons and then the dressing,” Baudo said.

Baudo says these meals are perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable eating out right now with us being in a pandemic. It’s also perfect for that special date night.

“Valentine’s is coming up but you’d be the cook with this one. And we also do our pans of pasta, so if you don’t want to do any cooking, you just get it already made up,” Baudo said.

Baudo says the inspiration initially came from wanting to showcase the restaurant as a to-go spot.

The pandemic is what made them want to get a jump-start on the idea immediately.

“That’s what’s going on all over. So many people are just not wanting to go out and I understand that. So they can get it but they have all of the tastes they can have here, but they do it at home. Plus they get to say, I made it,” Baudo said.

Baudo says the community has really taken a liking to the meals and he’s glad he can ease some of the stress surrounding cooking.

“Anyone can do it! I put the instructions in here all you’ve got to really do is heat up your sauce, toss your salad and cook your pasta. It’s ready to go,” Baudo said.

The ready to cook meals are $25.95 and can feed up to four people.

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