Jackson area native opens eco-friendly boutique

JACKSON, Tenn, –A new eco-friendly boutique is open to the Jackson community.


Shoppers who consider themselves an environmentalist now have the perfect place to shop.

Newly added to The Columns in Jackson is Amity the Boutique.

Co-owned with her husband, 23-year-old Morgan Phelps is excited to introduce the Jackson community to a new world of fashion.

“We’re pretty excited. My husband and I have been planning this for about seven months now and we originally started with just a website. Our website was doing pretty good and then we decided we wanted to go ahead and open up a brick and mortar location and just kind of bring what we were about to this area,” Phelps said.

Phelps says what differs her boutique from others in the area is all of the items in her store are quality-based rather than time-based.

“Amity the Boutique is a sustainable fashion boutique. So we really want to bring a little more awareness to sustainable fashion, also known as slow fashion. And just kind of make sure that people in the area are getting a little more familiar with eco-friendly fashion,” Phelps said.

There is a variety of items sold inside the store from clothing, shoes, jewelry, candles and all natural soaps.

“Everything in here is either eco-friendly or of course, it’s either ethically made or ethically sourced. We work with companies through the the Fairtrade Foundation so a lot of the companies that we work with are just ensuring that the people making them are making fair wages and things like that,” Phelps said.

She says she feels it’s important to know where the clothes you put on your body come from.

“I’m originally from the Jackson area and growing up around a lot of farmers and stuff like that, I was kind of always aware of what was on my table and where it came from. And I just want people to be the same way with their fashion and know where it came from, how the material was sourced, the people that are making them and what they’re bringing to the table,” Phelps said.

Phelps now resides in Memphis and works as a model. She says all of the clothing in the store represents her and her fashion background.

“I’ve always dabbled in a lot of arts and so I’ve tried to always create things and represent who I am,” Phelps said.

Phelps’ long term goals are to one day move back to Jackson and expand her business into having multiple locations.

Phelps says she’s excited and looks forward to one day being able to hire employees to provide jobs for Jackson residents.

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