Health Heroes raise flag to raise awareness for World Cancer Day

JACKSON, Tenn.–Many communities with cancer centers are coming together to take the initiative and promote World Cancer Day.


Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is helping to raise awareness of cancer within the community.

Wednesday afternoon, the Kirkland Cancer Center and hospital staff gathered to watch the raising of a World Cancer Day flag in front of Patient Discharge.

Executive Director of the Kirkland Cancer Center, Gina Myracle, says she hopes people will come to the center with questions not only about diagnosis, but with screening prevention treatment and survivor ship as well.

“Cancer is a very real disease in our community it impacts our friends, our family that we take care of everyday, and we want to be an organization that people look to and come to when they’re faced with cancer,” Myracle says.

The hospital hopes this event will make more people aware of cancer within the community.

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