West Tennesseans face water system problems after winter storm

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Many homes and business owners have been left with little to no water pressure — some with no water at all — following the winter storm.


The Enville Fire Department is stepping up to help local residents.

“We’ve been in a process of handing out water, bottled water, for the residents that needed it, and also water for people to use flushing their commodes and feeding their animals,” said Enville Fire Chief Thomas Gilham.

Gilham says the loss of water is due to many water lines busting. The fire department is currently searching to find the leaks in their system.

He says there are a few things you can do to help.

“If you do come across a leak, cut your meter off and then you will have to call a plumber to get out and find where the leak is actually at to actually fix it,” Gilham said.

Lexington residents are also facing similar issues. Lexington Utilities Water Division workers are out to find a solution.

“The weather being cold and now thawing out, it’s something we kind of expect. It’s an inconvenience I know, but our crews are working around the clock right now to try to correct any of the issues we have,” said Michael Harper,

Harper says a majority of Lexington residents are facing low water pressure. They have been working day and night to fix the leaks and other issues causing it.

“A lot of people left their water running slightly to keep their pipes from freezing, which is great,” Harper said. “Therefore we’ve had a lot more water drained from our system.”

Harper says residents need to check their vacant properties for leaks. It could be a big issue if water is running and no one knows about it.

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They hope to have the majority of their issues fixed within the next two days. Scotts Hill is another town struggling with low water pressure.

“For a sustained period of time, we had a higher demand than the capacity to produce and our water system was just slowly depleted through the long period of the storm,” said Clayton Armstrong, the general manager of the water department.

Armstrong says anyone with a leak should contact Scotts Hill City Hall. They are progressively going down the list of call-ins and have their crews spread out all across the region.

You can reach Scotts Hill City Hall at (731) 549-3175, and Lexington Utilities at (731) 968-2917.

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