Rein-bow Riding Academy seeks volunteers for new year

HURON, Tenn. — A local therapy and learning center is in dire need of volunteers.

Rein Bow Riding

Rein-bow Riding Academy in Huron is ready to welcome new faces for its therapeutic horseback riding program, offered by Therapy and Learning Center for youth with disabilities.

Tuesday night, the academy held its first volunteer training session of the new year for its riding season.

“Tonight we have volunteers out, volunteers who are going to come help us with the program, and we’re doing training and orientation for them,” said Ron Kwasigroh, the academy’s director.

Kwasigroh says he’s looking forward to resuming the season with both familiar and new faces.

“The volunteers are the life and blood of our program, and so we’re always excited for those volunteers who come back year after year, but also the new volunteers we’re introducing this year to the program,” Kwasigroh said.

For every rider in the program, they need three volunteers, so Kwasigroh says that’s what makes the need so critical.

“We could not do this without our volunteers. They’re essential to what we’re doing here, and I think what we see with our volunteers, they get a lot out of the program than what they feel like they’re giving,” Kwasigroh said.

Kwasigroh says the pandemic has truly put a damper on the program, causing it to lose many of its volunteers.

“Every year we’ve had some turnover with volunteers, but definitely, the pandemic has kind of hurt us a little bit on the volunteer side,” he said.

Kwasigroh says volunteering at the academy provides a unique opportunity for those needing internship hours or those in high school needing volunteer hours.

“They can get four volunteer service hours a night and actually get such a big blessing as a result of it as well,” Kwasigroh said.

Kwasigroh says even if you don’t have experience handling a horse, there are variety of volunteer roles to choose from.

If you missed Tuesday’s training session, don’t worry. There is a training session every Tuesday night.

For more information on how to get involved with the program, visit their Facebook page or click here.

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