Union University seeks volunteers for spring debate tournament

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local university is seeking volunteers for a tournament this spring.


Union University is hosting the National Invitational Tournament of Champions by Stoa from May 24 to May 29.

The tournament is for homeschool speech and debate students from all over the country, who will be competing for prizes and scholarships.

To make the tournament happen, the university needs 1,000 judges to volunteer.

The university is searching for individuals only needed for a two hour commitment, and no prior experience is necessary.

“This tournament absolutely cannot happen without the community. We hosted this event in 2017, and we were able to turn out a thousand judges,” said Daniel Griffin, Vice President of Enrollment at Union. “And so the community support and having these judges present makes these opportunities happen for these young people.”

The students have the opportunity to even win full ride scholarships to not only Union, but other universities around the country.

For information on how to become a volunteer, click here.

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