Milan students make preparations for Black History Month program

MILAN, Tenn. — A local middle and high school are putting together a special Black History program for the community.

At the Milan Middle School auditorium, you can find middle and high school students preparing for their annual Black History Program.

It will highlight the importance of Black history, and the many people who paved the way for many years, with activist and figures like Mary J. Blige, Cheryl Lynn, Prince and more.

High school students Seth Roberson and Steven Ballard, who are in the show, say it’s a blessing to be able to continue the program, especially in the midst of COVID-19.

“We actually didn’t even know if we were going to have one, so actually having this is going to be a blessing in itself,” Ballard said.

Roberson, who’s been participating in the program for seven years, says the production has a special meaning behind it.

“It’s called the ‘Power of Togetherness,’ and basically what it is that no matter what your race is, we can all come together to form something very powerful,” Roberson said.

Both students say out of of all the popular figures being highlighted, they have a special favorite: their own acts.

The students say they are also excited to put on a show the community will remember.

The program will be held Thursday, April 8 for the public at 5 p.m. in the Milan Middle School auditorium.

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