Jackson organizations work together to create a ‘4-Minute City’

JACKSON, Tenn. — Organizations in Jackson are implementing a program to save lives.

We spoke with the mayor and members of Friends of Heart on how this program will make Jackson the first 4-Minute City in the U.S.

4 minutes, for victims of sudden cardiac arrest: those are the minutes that are the most crucial to saving their life.

The Friends of Heart program is partnering with Avive Solutions to place intelligent AED’s across the city.

Mayor of Jackson Scott Conger says they are hoping to implement the program as early as this year.

Conger says the purpose is for all Jackson residents to be prepared for those few minutes after a collapse.

“Provide AED devices throughout our community, train individuals and really liken it to crowd sourcing first responders, life saving measures to people in the community so we can be sure that people in the community get those life-saving measures in those first critical 4 minutes,” Mayor Conger said.

Friends of Heart Executive Director, Tracy Case, says sudden cardiac arrest is the third leading cause of death.

Case says Jackson has more than a hundred deaths related to it each year.

Case and the Friends of Heart organization are trying to change that number with this new program.

“What our 4-Minute City project does is addresses those sudden cardiac arrest incidents by deploying smart connected AED’s within our community,” Case said.

Case says one important component in the program is educating the community on how to use them.

“We’ve got to educate our community first about free, hands-only CPR and AED training. And then once we start deploying smart connected AED’s in the community, people will be aware of them and have the confidence to use them,” Case said.

Jackson is one in five cities that have been chosen to implement this program and the first to use the new AED technology.

If you would like to learn more about the new program or would like to sign up for a free training class, click here.

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