Words on Wheels: Free bookmobile aims to encourage reading

JACKSON, Tenn. — Have you ever read a book that made you say “wow!”? That’s what The Read Team is hoping their new “Words on Wheels” will do this summer.

“It’s a practical way we can get books in the homes. That’s one of they key factors in learning how to read, having books around the home,” said James Christoferson, program director for The Read Team.

The “WOW” trailer can fit thousands of books for all grade levels — everything from picture books to “Nancy Drew.” And it was named by Alexander Elementary’s own Principal Carolyn Caldwell.

“Reading is one of our deficit areas, so the more students read, the better they become at reading, and the better they are at comprehending what they read,” Principal Caldwell said.

They plan on following around the RIFA Bus Stop Cafe this summer. So while kids get a free meal, they can also get free books. And the best part: they don’t have to return them.

“They come in, take two or three books, all their own, and they can take them home and read them,” Christoferson said. “With this being provided for them this summer, it’s going to give them a boost.”

And you should see it out on the road in just a few weeks.

“We anticipate going to other neighborhoods, other schools, other events, after school programs, and pulling up and saying, ‘Hey! We have this free bookmobile we are opening up to your students!'” Christoferson said.

The Words on Wheels was funded by several different churches and organizations, and you can be a partner in this effort too.

Books are being collected at RIFA in downtown Jackson. You can learn more at thereadteam.org.

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