UT Martin seeks ‘daily double’ during this year’s Captain’s Challenge

MARTIN, Tenn. — The largest fundraiser of the year for the University of Tennessee at Martin is bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Thank you, thank you. Welcome to UT Martin Jeopardy,” announced UT Martin Chancellor Keith Carver.

UT Martin is hoping to win the “daily double” for this year’s Captain’s Challenge.

“We match dollar for dollar, up to $300 per transaction. So essentially any gift that comes in, if it’s a $300 gift, that then becomes $600,” said Matt Borden, the Associate Director of Annual Giving for UT Martin.

They’re virtually calling on friends and alumni to bring in the donation.

Those in attendance included, but was not limited to, University of Tennessee President Randy Boyd and Chicago Cubs Pitcher Alec Mills.

“It’s imperative to call on our local alumni, our generous donors, our friends of the university, our students, parents, basically anyone who wants to be involved with UT Martin. This is a great day to do that,” Borden said.

The first year they did the Captain’s Challenge, the goal was $50,000. This year’s goal is $350,000, and they’re hoping they can beat that.

“Last year we really broke the records with a little over $400,000 raised. This year we would love to continue that success because it’s a very critical time for the university, and it helps students in every single area,” Borden said.

You can pick a category for where you want to donate, as broad as athletics to as specific as travel abroad.

“I mean this is for future Skyhawks, current Skyhawks, any way we can help better their experience at UT Martin, that’s what the goal is for,” Borden said.

To donate, you can write a check to the university or head to challenge.utm.edu.

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