Freed-Hardeman Associates celebrate milestone of giving

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Since 1963, the Freed-Hardeman Associates have been dedicated to service, giving their proceeds to the university. Friday morning, the associates are celebrating a milestone of reaching a total of $4 million given since the organization started.

“The organization has been around for 57 years supporting Christian education, supporting Freed-Hardeman and their students in a variety of different ways,” said Debbie McLaughlin, executive coordinator for the Freed-Hardeman Associates.

The associates believe in the benefit of a Christian education at FHU, and their goal is to provide that opportunity for students.

“We raise anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000 or more every year for Freed-Hardeman University,” McLaughlin said. “For last 25 years, the funds that we’ve raised have gone exclusively to student scholarships.”

Every year the associates support about 43 students with scholarships.

A few current and past scholarship recipients spoke during Friday’s presentation. Some of the past recipients have gone on to join the associates and are working in different chapters across several states.

“We’re reaching the lifetime goal of $4 million today but really we’re just getting started,” McLaughlin said.

The associates are in the process of planning their annual tea party. This year, due to COVID-19, it is scheduled as a hybrid event.

“We are always looking for new members, new people to join our cause, we would love to open up new chapters in other areas,” McLaughlin said.

For more information on the Freed-Hardeman Associates, click here.

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