West TN residents share their story through new book

STANTON, Tenn. — Two locals find creative ways to tell their story.

A mom and daughter in Stanton decided to tell their story through a children’s book.

Eight year old Laiya Grace was born 24-weeks premature with a 7 percent chance to even walk or talk.

Laiya’s mom, Charity Douglas, says the two had been in and out of the hospital for surgeries.

Douglas thought that this book would be a great way to keep up spirits.

“She had seven operations within two months. So life was just really, really hard, and I was wanting to have something to motivate us. And so I chose to start writing a book and use that as a motivation for both her and myself,” Douglas said.

Douglas says the book talks about what Laiya went through and the hope is to help another child facing life’s challenges.

“She gives advice to children on how they can accept things that we all go through in life. So that’s the message for the book is to accept life challenges,” Douglas said.

Douglas says the next step for her and Laiya is to have a home of their own.

And this creative outlet is a step in achieving that goal.

“We’re going to use the proceeds from the book to purchase a home, in cash essentially. So after selling 1,343 books, we would then have the proceeds and money to use to make us a home purchase,” Douglas said.

If you would like to purchase one of the books titled, “Laiya’s Land,” or contribute to the family’s GoFundMe account, you can find those links on our website under the ‘Seen on 7‘ tab.

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