Humboldt offers ‘Smart Cards,’ promoting local businesses

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce is bringing more people to Main Street with great deals.

The Chamber has created Better Together Smart Cards. Each card has promotions at a variety of different businesses.

Twenty-one businesses signed up to be apart of the program, but the Chamber is still looking to grow the program and add more.

The card’s promotions change quarterly, and the $20 card itself lasts for one year.

Anyone is able to purchase a card to enjoy promotions and benefit local businesses.

The Chamber’s Events Coordinator Beth Culpepper says a lot of people will buy a card for one promotion, and will end up loving many new businesses.

“They see all of the other promotions like, ‘It will be fun to try this business out or go shop at this business,’ so I think that’s helped spread the love out to each business that is participating in the program,” Culpepper said.

For more information on the Better Together Smart Card, click here.

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