Madison County sheriff presented flag from 194th Engineer Brigade

JACKSON, Tenn. — The 194th Engineer Brigade presented Madison County Sheriff John Mehr with a Tennessee state flag on Wednesday.

This comes after the sheriff’s office escorted the unit to and from the Memphis International Airport before and after their deployment to Kuwait.

“The 194th had several flags that they took with them to the battle area in Iraq, and they flew them there, and then they brought them back and they took the flag to the capital of Tennessee and flew them there,” said Cmdr. Thomas Buck, with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6496.

They were then presented to various organizations that support and help the Tennessee National Guard.

Buck says the sheriff’s department is at the frontline when it comes to supporting veterans.

“He’s one of the biggest supporters that you could ever ask for, when it comes to the veterans, because all we have to do is just mention that we want to do something and he is there with his group to help us,” Buck said.

Mehr says it is truly an honor to receive a memento of this magnitude.

“It’s very touching. It was emotional to say the least because we didn’t do it for anything. It was a shock that we were going to be receiving it,” Mehr said.

Mehr says if he had the chance to escort the military again, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

“We’re a proud of our military. We’re proud of our guardsman. They left their families and went overseas to keep our freedom in this country,” Mehr said.

“Always when they see them, say ‘thank you’ for your service because that is something that they did. They all came back, and sometimes that doesn’t happen that way,” Mehr said.

Mehr, along with Cmdr. Buck, are working together in a CIT program to teach deputies what to do if they encounter a veteran who suffers from PTSD after returning home from war.

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