Airport Authority discusses pilot shortage, public-private partnerships

JACKSON, Tenn. — There was a big meeting for members of the Jackson-Madison County Airport Authority.

According to Executive Director Steve Smith, they’re working on an ECD Grant for funding to build a large office.

Over Zoom, they spoke with Boutique Airlines about the pilot shortage.¬†And that’s not all.

They spoke to Kim Currie, who represents companies for public-private partnerships.

With the partnership, they’re hoping for more funding, runway improvements, and possibly solar panels.

But Smith says there are so many possibilities.

“One of the things Miss Currie talked about was building an airport, and that’s kind of exciting when you think about it. New office space, new hanger space, maybe the ability for corporations to locate their business with their aircraft,” Smith said.

Smith says despite the shortages that Spirit, Delta, and Southwest are experiencing, he is thankful their staff is up to speed.

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