FHU freshman get involved on campus

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Freshman at Freed-Hardeman University are getting the full Lion experience.

Students are fully moved in and getting ready to start their college career at FHU.

They’ll start the semester with Interface, a week full of events that gets every student involved on campus.

Tony Allen with FHU Student Services says they want to make sure each student feels welcome.

“We break them up into small groups. We have upperclassmen that lead those groups, and they take them on a whole week of adventure and fun, just trying to get them to meet as many people as possible, get comfortable with our campus and feel like it’s home,” Allen said.

Monday, students attended a first year experience class.

Interface leader Addie Everson says the first day breaks down what the freshmen need to know for the start of classes.

“They get to learn the rules of Freed-Hardeman University, what to do, what not to do, what could get them in trouble. Stuff like that. They get to sit and interact with a professor,” Everson said.

Freshman Brayden Martin is starting his college journey at FHU. He says, so far, the new experiences have been exciting and he plans to continue that into the semester.

“Honestly just making new relationships, meeting a ton of new people, hopefully making some lifelong friends, and being able to experience what this college has to offer,” Martin said.

Everson says Interface leaders will compete against professors in a softball tournament on Monday night.

Other events are scheduled throughout the week.

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