Lane, Union students share what college is like in a pandemic

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s the start of a new semester for students at Lane College and Union University.

Union Lane Students Return Classes During Pandemic 081921 2

For some students, it’s a new environment with new protocols and precaution due to the pandemic and the rise in delta variant cases.

Many of the students say even though they’re excited about being on campus, it has been a little hectic, especially for freshman.

“It’s a little crazy, but everything going smooth now since every is situated,” said N’Brya Jackson, a Lane College student.

“It’s nice because I met my new friends,” said Danesha Smith, a Lane College student.

Erica Redmon and Tra’nya Lesure, who are Lane freshman, say because of COVID-19, their experience is different and a little scary.

“Like how you see other people moving to college and how we had to because of COVID. It messed up a lot of stuff, but it’s still going,” Redmon said.

“I didn’t want to be in the house, but I was scared. I just wanted to be out,” Lesure said.

Union Lane Students Return Classes During Pandemic 081921 1

For upper classmen at Union University, students are also taking precaution, making sure to take advantage of everything the university is offering to keep them safe.

And they are encouraging friends on campus to get vaccinated as well.

“I’m vaccinated and encouraging my friends to get vaccinated. Definitely monitoring symptoms, being mindful of if you have the sniffles. Put a mask on and just be honest if we’re feeling sick,” said Abby Bone, a Union University student.

The students also say they will continue to take precautions while enjoying college life.

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