Helping Hands TN event comes to an end

JACKSON, Tenn. — Helping Hands Tennessee event comes to an end after a two day long clinic.

Helpings Hands Tennessee held a Mission of Mercy event over the past two days. The event was created to provide dental care services for those in need.

Sabrina Blue is the CEO of Helping Hands Tennessee and she says due to the high expenses of dental care, clinics like these are needed.

“The Mission of Mercy is every year, because we can only see so many patients at our dental clinic. Although we have a seven chair operatory on our first floor, just to make it easier for us to have, to gain access to more help from the community, more volunteers, and that way we can see a lot more patients,” Blue said.

“As it relates to all health care, most chronic health conditions are related to poor oral health care. And most of the time it’s because either people couldn’t afford to go to the dentist or couldn’t gain access because of transportation etc.,” Blue said.

The clinic was free of charge, but patients were required to take a rapid covid test before entering. Once testing negative, patients were ready for examination.

“We see people year after year, even in our clinic at Helping Hands in tears, because they either been rejected or thought it was going to cost too much,” Blue said.

Dental and medical costs can be expensive for many. Blue says events like these gives everyone the chance to undergo dental care procedures.

“The Mission of Mercy is to make it easier for people to gain access. But fundamentally that’s actually helping with disparities related to health care, and its improving healthy outcomes,” Blue said.

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