Family seeks help after new father dies of COVID-19

JACKSON, Tenn. — A family is seeking assistance after their family member died suddenly from COVID-19.

Bolivar resident Tou Mao Vang, who recently became a new father, died at the young age of 30 due to COVID-19 complications.

His sister, Annie Imoto says Vang was diagnosed with the virus just one week after his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“His wife and baby, they went for a checkup for the baby’s one month checkup, and they came home and they weren’t feeling well,” Imoto said.

Imoto says once his wife and daughter tested positive for COVID-19, Vang tested positive shortly thereafter.

“At that point, all three of them were at the hospital, and the baby and mom left to go home to recover and my brother stayed behind,” Imoto said.

Vang remained in the hospital for two weeks until his death on Sunday, Aug. 29.

Imoto says her family never would’ve guessed tragedy would strike after Vang welcomed his first child into the world just one month before.

“He wanted to be a father for a while, and he had finally reached his goal of being a dad,” Imoto said.

Imoto says this was Vang’s second time contracting COVID-19 after beating it the first time. She says these were some of his last words.

“COVID is scary. He says he doesn’t want to go through this again and that he wanted to go home,” Imoto said.

Imoto says her family practices the shamanism religion, and what a shaman told her family about Vang was heartbreaking.

“The shaman mentioned that our brother said that he is sorry that he didn’t get the vaccine sooner, but it’s too late,” Imoto said.

She says Vang’s death has inspired the rest of their family to get the COVID-19 vaccine after being hesitant to before.

She has a message to those who are currently unvaccinated.

“I know people have their different views on the vaccine, but it could save your life,” Imoto said.

The family of Vang is asking for financial assistance for anyone who can help, as his wife and one month old baby are left with various costs on their own.

You can find their GoFundMe here.

You can find more information on the COVID-19 pandemic here.

To find a vaccine near you, click here.

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