Unemployment numbers drop in Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Unemployment numbers are continuing to drop in the state of Tennessee.

COVID-19 has had a large impact on unemployment rates the past year and a half, but what changes could the delta variant bring?

Express Employment Professionals

“Coming out of July, when incremental unemployment is being ended, people were coming in and we were doing more interviews,” said Ronnie Morris, co-owner of Express Employment Professionals.

Unemployment reached an all time high of 14.7% for Tennessee in April of 2020, and has dropped 10% since then in the state.

“The unemployment in this area is a little under 5%,” Morris said.

But the tricky part is trying to determine where the unemployment rate will go from here.

“The wild card is really COVID and to see where that plays out. If things get better there, I think people will be more comfortable to go back into the workforce,” Morris said.

Either way, jobs are still available with more perks than ever.

“There are fantastic jobs, record level pay, record level benefits that are still available for those that want to go back to work,” Morris said.

If you’re wanting to get back in the workforce, now is the perfect time.

“As long as we’ve been doing this businesses, we’ve never seen an opportunity like this for those that want to and are able to get back into the workforce,” Morris said.

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