Tennessee Secretary of State promotes voter registration

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It is now National Voter Registration Month, and the Secretary of State’s office helping with efforts to get people registered.

Secretary of State Tre Hargett says his office working to encourage voter registration in three ways:

  • Holding a voter registration drive during a tailgate before a home game at each university.
  • Working with businesses to promote voter registration with employees, customers and more.
  • Offering the the Anne Dallas Dudley award to high schools that register at least 85% of eligible students to vote.

“More Tennesseans are registered to vote now than any time in our state’s history. During National Voter Registration Month, we are looking to build on this momentum,” Hargett said. “That is why we are working with high schools, universities, businesses and organizations to make sure everyone knows that it has never been easier to register to vote or cast a ballot in Tennessee.”

Hargett says your opinions matter, and his office will be providing organizations in the Your Vote Matters program with tools that promote National Voter Registration Month.

“Your vote is your voice and your vote matters! But if you don’t vote, you are giving up your voice and letting others decide who will represent you,” Hargett said. “The first step to casting a ballot is registering to vote. If you are not registered, now is the time to get registered. If you’re already registered, you can participate by encouraging your friends, coworkers and neighbors to register to vote.”

To learn more about voter registration, visit GoVoteTN.gov or call the Division of Elections 1-877-850-4959.

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