28th annual Soybean Parade moves through Martin

MARTIN, Tenn. — The Tennessee Soybean Festival held its fourth day of festivities.

The annual Soybean Parade is one of the many events taking place during the Tennessee Soybean Festival with some attending for the first time.

“I like seeing all the decorations on the floats and everything,” said William Armstrong, who was attending the Soybean Festival for the first time.

Others have been coming to Martin to see this parade multiple times throughout the years.

“We come to this spot anytime for any kind of parade. It’s just what our family does is come to the Soybean Festival Parade. It’s just something we’ve been doing every year,” said Justin Britt, a parade attendee.

About 45 organizations participated in the parade throwing candy and waving to the crowd. The parade was about a mile long and attendees were excited to see how the floats were decorated.

“I just like seeing all the old trucks and the floats, people making the floats,” Britt said.

Armstong says he is going to enjoy how the floats are decorated.

“I just hope it turns out good and all the floats are beautiful,” he said.

For more information on the festival, click here.

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