Department of Treasury tool to help unite people with lost money

JACKSON, Tenn. — Do you want to know if you have a claim to extra cash?

The Tennessee Department of Treasury has a simple way to find out if you do, and it is with a tool called ClaimItTN.

Communications Director Shelli King says that unclaimed money can be from anything.

“It is mostly an intangible asset like a utility refund or an uncashed paycheck. It could be an abandoned stock security or even a credit balance for an overpayment,” King said.

King says there is $1.2 billion of unclaimed property statewide.

To check if you have unclaimed property, go to, and click on search for your unclaimed property.

Then you will need to select individual or business and type in your name. King says you may be surprised at what pops up.

“In West Tennessee, there is over $33 million waiting to be claimed. In Madison County, there is over $8.3 million to be claimed. So there is almost 500,000 pieces of property waiting to be claimed in West Tennessee,” King said.

After selecting your claim, King says they will need to verify it is you.

Select which option is correct in the drop down menu, send it in, and they do the rest.

“We will provide the communications back to say here is what we may need again. It really is about you giving us what we need to verify that you are the correct person and that is the property that belongs to you,” King said.

She says there are also no fees to claim your property, and to watch out for third parties trying to scam you.

“If you are asked to pay a fee, you are not working directly with the Tennessee Department of Treasury. The money is 100 percent yours. There is no fee, no percentage taken out. It is yours 100 percent to claim,” King said.

King says there are no time limits to the claims and some even date back to the beginning of the program.

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