Jackson entrepreneurs support each other

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local entrepreneurs are coming together to share their talents at the Jackson Entrepreneur Group.

“I started it because I just wanted to give entrepreneurs a space to show what they have and what they can do so that’s why we’re here,” said Jaqushia Buddie, Founder of the Jackson Entrepreneur Group.

Organizers say it’s a great way to support one another.

“We want to support our local businesses and you don’t see very many of that going around Jackson so, we just want to have great vibes, smiles, family, our children, just to get it out there so that everybody can broadcast what they do and we just share the love,” said Ashley Hunt, Organization Committee Member of the Jackson Entrepreneur Group.

Many entrepreneurs are following their goals despite the pandemic.

“It’s actually been very good, we actually started our business during COVID because we were at home a lot. I work at home and my kids are home schooled also and everybody is online anyways so we figured why not just go ahead and make a business,” said May Young, Owner of Young Crafts LLC.

“I started this business probably when COVID first started and due to the fact that my daughter is allergic to everything, I decided to hand pour my own candles,” said Shikita Nothern, Owner of Wax Melts by KM.

For some business owners these types of events are important to have.

“It’s helped us by getting our products out there, like I said we otherwise may not have gotten this audience from the community we live in, we get support from the people here in Jackson and also the surrounding communities, they get to see our products and see what we have to offer,” said Young.

“It’s important to have these types of events so that everyone can broadcast what they do. A lot of times people don’t get a chance to show what they do because there are no events like this,”said Nothern.

The group’s next event will be Saturday October 30th from 3 to 7 p.m. at the West Tennessee Farmer’s Market.

For more information on the group, click here.

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