West High School Class of 69′ recognizes their teachers

JACKSON, Tenn. — One class is celebrating 52 years of memories by honoring special guests.

The last class to graduate from West High School walked the halls once again.

And this time, they brought along the people that taught them 52 years ago.

The Class of 69′ recognized the remaining five teachers that taught at the school, and showed them how much they impacted their lives.

Each teacher was presented with a plaque that had their yearbook photo from 1969, along with a photo of every graduate.

“Oh the plaque is just wonderful. It is so wonderful to get to see the teachers that I worked with for all those years. Today is just a special blessed day for me,” said teacher, Samuel Greer.

Lorraine Gill came to West High School to teach one thing, but ended up being taken in a different direction.

“I came out here to teach typing and I ended up teaching typing to the class here today, and coached women’s basketball. We just had a wonderful time,” Gill said.

The teachers say their favorite part about teaching at West High School was the time spent with students, and the community lifted them up.

“I loved to interact with the kids and see that they were learning. Watching that light-bulb go off when they learn a new skill,” said teacher Sophira Walker Bradford.

“I had a lot of support from the parents in everything. The parents are the ones that pushed me to do what I did,” Greer said.

Over 40 seniors from the 1969 class attended the reunion.

Class president Robert McGee says the group has a special bond for each other and for their old high school.

“It is so amazing to come together and be committed to one another to make this happen. To be the president of this is a wonderful thing. It’s great to be in the midst of all of my classmates and my friends,” McGee said.

Two teachers out of five were unable to attend the meeting.

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