Area church celebrates 20 years by blessing others with $20,000

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church is celebrating 20 years by giving back to their community.

One church celebrates a 20 year milestone with $20,000. Love and Truth Church is celebrating 20 years of ministry.

“We started in a Holiday Inn. We moved, moved, and then built and built. Now we are here. Today we are celebrating our passion, which are missions,” said Pastor Eddie Cupples.

And Cupples says those passions include five ministries in West Tennessee that give resources to people in need.

“One of the things that we wanted to do on our 20th Anniversary is give away $20,000. We have five ministries that are locally in this area that are going to receive $4,000,” Cupples said.

The ministries that received donations include The Care Center, RIFA, Tennessee Valley Adult/Teen Challenge, Scarlet Rope Project, and Area Relief Ministries.

Joseph Torson with Adult and Teen Challenge and Fred McKinnie with Area Relief Ministries say the donations came as a surprise.

And they are grateful for the extra help.

“A lot of the guys don’t have anything when they come to us. It will help support them while they are there. It will also go to facilities, equipment, and textbooks,” Torson said.

“We can be able to help people with utilities and emergency assistance that they need everyday. Medication or whatever we can do to help the community,” McKinnie said.

Cupples says the church’s motto is ‘changing lives to change our world.’ So they wanted this celebration to be all about the people.

“People matter and each and every one of these ministries that we are giving to today, as well as, what we do overseas is all about people. We want to impact people’s lives, not just for eternity, but we want to help people right now,” Cupples said.

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