Besso’s Coffee creates community fund

HENDERSON, Tenn. — A local coffee shop is giving back to those in their community.

Besso’s Coffee has created a community fund to help people with unexpected needs throughout Chester County.

Owner Tim West says the idea was started before Besso’s was built.

“This was an integral part of it. We wanted to enhance the already good nature of Henderson and the beautiful and wonderful place that it is as a community. So we thought we would create this community fund, where we could both raise money and people could donate so that good things could be done,” West said.

West says the funds raised will go towards helping those with various types of needs.

“People who are struggling or challenged in life, whether it be financially, spiritually, or emotionally, mentally. We’re looking for opportunities to give to people or to inspire people to do good things,” West said.

Besso’s has teamed up with the Eagles’ Edge, a club at Chester County High School that strives to reduce need within their community already.

With donated funds, Besso’s gives students gift cards to give to school service staff as well.

“I think it’s a really good way for us to partner with them because this way we’re able to give gift cards and different things, and we can hand that out through our Kindness Program,” said Aja Stovall, and Eagles’ Edge member. “With that we do different days, such as teacher appreciation, bus driver appreciation, janitor appreciation, and we’re able to give back to those people that help so much with our everyday lives.”

Stovall says it feels good to give back.

“Growing up in Henderson all my life, this is a community that’s very giving,” Stovall said. “It makes me feel so good to be able to give to everyone and just be able to participate in things like this.”

West says there are many ways to donate, such as purchasing t-shirts and stickers.

“They can make donations directly to the fund when they’re here in the coffee shop. They can also do that by purchasing some of our community fund shirts. I’m wearing one of them. We have a few different shirts that when we sell those, we use those funds to fund the community fund,” he said.

If you’d like to donate to the fund by purchasing a drink at Besso’s, just be sure to mention it at checkout.

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