Nonprofit repeatedly vandalized in east Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — The New Hub Club is a nonprofit organization with a motto of building future leaders from and for the community.

Unfortunately, the club had to deal with countless occasions of vandalism recently.

“We’ve had several windows knocked out at our building on four different occasions. They came in probably three weeks ago when it started,” said New Hub Club Director Johnny Dodd.

Dodd says he doesn’t understand what would make someone do something like this, especially to a nonprofit that does so much to enhance its community.

“We are looking at trying to raise money or talking to people to invest into this facility. We want to get a gym out in this location, but it’s almost like why would we make an investment when y’all are out here destroying the property,” Dodd said.

Dodd says within the last year or two, leaders have already put $50,000 into improving the building.

“We put brand new windows through the whole building, and we painted the inside of it, but when you get a brand new window knocked out, now we have to replace this whole window now,” Dodd said.

Dodd says he has no idea who is destroying the property, but believes it may be the same person constantly doing it. He says he has a special offer for whoever it is.

“I’m asking you please, will you find something else to do. Even if the person did it, I want to give you a free scholarship to come to the program and be a part of the program so you can see what we offer to our community,” Dodd said.

He says the club is working on providing a service for senior citizens and an after-school program for youth.

Even with the continued vandalism, Dodd says he will never turn his back on the east Jackson community.

“All you’re going to do is make me get stronger. We want to bring more programs into east Jackson to be able to help kids, to be able to help the community,” Dodd said.

Along with the damaging of the windows, Dodd says the swing set has been destroyed and the basketball court has been trashed.

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