Jackson Fire Department continues Fire Prevention Week

JACKSON, Tenn. — Fire Prevention Week is here, and this year’s theme is the Sounds of Fire Safety.

Jackson Fire Department

You should check your smoke alarm battery regularly once a month.

Firefighters say once you start hearing your alarm chirp, it is definitely time for you to change the batteries.

Firefighters recommend having a smoke alarm in every room of your home or outside of sleeping areas.

You want to have your smoke alarm closer to the ceiling, as it will detect smoke in the event of a fire, and your co-detector should be located on the middle section of a wall.

“The most important thing about fire safety for us is: The best fire for us is that the fire doesn’t take place. It never takes place, so if we could educate all of our citizens children and adults, then we’ve done our job,” said Latrell Billingsley, Public Education Officer for the Jackson Fire Department.

If you or someone you need a smoke alarm, you can call the Jackson Fire Department to set up an appointment.

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