City’s survey on sidewalks, biking to end Friday

JACKSON, Tenn. — Have you ever had any difficulty walking or biking to your desired destination?

Walking without a sidewalk or biking without a bike lane can be extremely dangerous, and now the City of Jackson is giving you the opportunity to share your comments and suggestions for their Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

“Our consultants are evaluating all sections. They’ve kind of divided it up into south Jackson and the middle part of Jackson, north Jackson, to look at areas of how they can improve things to make it easier for people to get from one place to another,” said Stan Pilant, Planning Director for the City of Jackson.

The Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenway Master Plan survey allows you to pinpoint an area and leave a comment on what should be improved.

One commenter says there is no sidewalk, so it’s unsafe to walk regarding Campbell Street.

Now there are a few sidewalks near Campbell Street, but most are only in residential areas. Once on the main road, it can be difficult and dangerous to walk to and from.

“They need to put sidewalks for the safety of the children and other people. All over Jackson Tennessee, they need to put these sidewalks in. People are getting killed out here senselessly and it’s not necessary,” said Stephanie Wilcox, a pedestrian.

Many people like Wilcox unknowingly risk their lives everyday just to get to their destination.

“The way theses cars go up and down these streets and goes 60 and 70 [MPH], there are kids riding there bikes up and down these streets. There are people walking and jogging. Cars need to slow down in these streets,” Wilcox said.

The Master Plan survey closes on Oct. 15, so make sure to to share those suggestions here.

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