Family calls for changes after deputy’s death

MIDDLETON, Tenn. — A family who lost a loved one is hoping others don’t go through the issues they faced.

“He was tough. He’s a fighter. He’d overcome death, I can’t tell you how many times. He’d always come back, and he was always good again and never did stop smiling,”  said Josh Wyman, Hardeman County Sheriff’s Deputy Dale Wyman’s son.

Dale Wyman suffered an accident in 2012 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He died last week.

His family says they have been through several issues with workers comp.

“We fought for a long time to keep him out of it. He got stuck in a nursing home one time, and he said he would never go back again. He just wanted to be home,” Josh Wyman said.

His family says this has been going on for several years.

“Since January it has taken the family to take care of my dad, and anytime my mom calls or whatever, we would come here and do whatever we had to do to make sure it’s been taken care of,” Josh Wyman said.

“I can’t lift because of my back, so I’d have to call other folks to help me. Most of the kids help me because we had to pitch in. We had to do something,” said Anita Wyman, Dale Wyman’s wife.

Wyman’s family hopes things can change.

“Their laws need to be adjusted. Sticking it under one adjuster, and you’re not able to put your voice anywhere,” Josh Wyman said.

“I just want people to not go through what we’ve been through because it’s hard on the family,” Anita Wyman said.

A Sea of Blue is scheduled to honor Dale Wyman on Monday, Oct. 18.

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