Chickasaw State Park hosts annual Frontier Days

HENDERSON, Tenn. — This weekend is Frontier Days at Chickasaw State Park and there are several events for you and the family to enjoy.

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“So we’re highlighting kind of pre-modern life out here at the park, before the park was settled. That type of thing,” said Park Manager, Ron Elder.  

Guests were able to enjoy a number of events like the lumberjack games, birds of prey demonstration and the strong man contest.

“Frontier Days, we try to do like I said before, modern equipment. So some of the highlights are the spear throwing and the lumberjack competition, are kind of the two events that people really get into,” Elder said.

The strong man contest and lumberjack games is based off of strength, endurance and determination; bringing those from all over to compete.

“Part of me wishes I didn’t do the lumberjack because I think I might’ve sprained something. But the strong man, you know in Alaska bucking wood, you know that lifestyle up there. You have to be a pretty strong man or woman,” said Alaskan visitor, Brian Peterson.

Tonight and tomorrow continues Frontier Days, giving guests the opportunity to experience a lot of what the park has to offer.

“I’m looking forward to meeting some more of the people that we already met. We love feeding the horses so, we bought some of the feed at the store over here and we’re going to go back to the camp ground over here and have a BBQ,” Peterson says.

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