Madison County Sheriff’s Office surprises 13-year-old supporter

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — At a young age, Zechariah Cartledge set out on a mission to support those fallen or injured in the line of duty.

He began his journey by running and dedicating each mile he ran to a fallen first responder. And in 2019, Running 4 Heroes officially became a nonprofit 501.

As of Thursday, Cartledge has run over 1,035 miles for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“It shows the empathy that he has for law enforcement, and the great work that he has done has impacted not only his community, but his community all over the world, and we appreciate his effort,” said Madison County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Cleven Davis. “We appreciate his diligence and we implore him to continue.”

Back in April, Cartledge ran to honor a fallen Madison County deputy.

“I’m running for Deputy Terry Dyer!” Cartledge said in a video earlier this year.

Now the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is returning their appreciation.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!” officers and staff sang in a video dedicated to Cartledge.

Together, they wanted to be some of the first to welcome Cartledge into his teenage years by singing and sharing DoubleTree cookies, Cartledges’s favorite.

“He’s an amazing kid, he’s very dedicated, he’s very respectful, he is truly is an old soul, he is somebody who prays,” said DoubleTree’s director of sales, catering and marketing, Mary Ross. “He believes that his prayer touches everyone and I’ve been there, I’ve watched it, it really does.”

Cartledge not only takes care of the fallen, but the injured too. At the age of 13, he has already raised over $500,000.

“What he’s doing is setting the standard for other people to lead and take the role,” Davis said. “Many people are looking for a mentor. [He’s] the one that can be that mentor for the people that want to step out and take that challenge.”

The sheriff’s office wants Zechariah to know his commitment and dedication is greatly appreciated by first responders all over the country.

To find more information about Cartledge and Running 4 Heroes, click here.

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