Trick-or-treating tips from the American Red Cross

JACKSON, Tenn. — The American Red Cross is sharing tips to make sure you and others are safe during this year’s trick-or-treating.

Tips you may have already heard include keeping kids visible with flashlights and reflective tapes on costumes and bags.

The trick-or-treat route should be planned in advance, and adults need to know where their children are going and should be accompanying the youngest ones.

Be sure to stay on the sidewalks, and do not walk into the street. The Red Cross adds that you should be alert for more than monsters, but also animals.

And the Red Cross says to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, make a mask apart of costumes. But do not wear a costume mask over a cloth mask, as it would be breathing difficult.

The Red Cross recommends sticking to outdoor activities, bringing hand sanitizer, and avoiding large groups.

Also, never trick-or-treat at a home with the lights off, and never go inside.

And parents, be sure to check the kids haul for loose candy, open packages, and other choking hazards, the Red Cross says. Discard what should not be eaten.

But do not forget to grab a little bit of candy for yourself!

The Red Cross also says if you are handing out candy to:

  • Give out candy outside if possible.
  • Either set up a spot for kids to grab candy, or be sure to wash your hands before handing it out.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Be sure to light up the area well.
  • Sweep up leaves and make sure there is nothing to trip over.

“Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the U.S. and with most communities returning to normal activities this school year, people should expect a higher volume of visitors in search of tricks and treats,” said Joel Sullivan, regional executive for the American Red Cross Tennessee Region. “Whether you’re handing out goodies or going door-to-door, with just a few simple considerations you can make sure your family and those around you are safe and sound.”

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