Death of vaccinated man raises concerns for West Tennessee family

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — A local family is speaking out about what they claim happened to their son after he received a second dose of a COVID vaccine.

“Just a family man, good-hearted family man. He just took care of his family and loved everybody,” said Rockie Hornsby, father of Timothy Hornsby.

His family says 36-year-old Timothy Hornsby took his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine last month and the next morning, they say he started felling ill.

“He said he felt bad, he had chills, aches, pain, headaches, legs hurting. He was healthy, he had no known problems,” said Hornsby.

Two days later his father says his son’s health took an unexpected turn.

“My wife got up and noticed it was getting late in the morning and then she went in his bed room, opened the curtains and was talking to him. He didn’t respond so she pulled the covers out and found that he had passed,” said Hornsby.

The family claims Hornsby was never told about the vaccine’s possible side effects.

“If he had known what the shot would’ve done, the adverse reactions to the shot, he wouldn’t have taken it. The only reason why he took it is because I have cancer and he didn’t want to bring COVID on to me because I wouldn’t make it through COVID,” said Hornsby

While the conclusive reason for Hornsby’s death is still unknown, his family says they hope others can hear their message.

The Hornsby family is awaiting autopsy results to determine if their son’s cause of death was related to potential reactions from the vaccine.

We’ll continue to follow this story.

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