City officials give tips on preparing leaf pickup season

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson is sharing what you need to do to prepare for the leaf pickup season.


“On Monday we have the city divided into four different districts. We have a dedicated crew in each district. They will sweep each district and then start over until the end of leaf season, which is the end of March,” said JD Sims, Superintendent of Groundskeeping.

The leaf pick-up was done last year around this time as well, and Sims says they are hoping to increase the amount of leaves picked up.

“Last year we picked up about 536 loads, which equaled out to be about 5 million pounds. So we’re expected to do at least that this year. Hopefully get more. We’re hoping to get everything that’s out there,” Sims said.

If you would like get your leaves picked up, it’s easy to get ready.

“Have their leaves raked in a pile or a line no more than 4-feet from the road,” Sims said.

Sims says make sure to avoid doing certain things before the pickup.

“The cars blocking the piles and too many limbs in the pile because they just rake limbs and leaves into one pile, and we can’t get it because it clogs up the machines. Possibly breaks it,” Sims said.

This year, Sims says they added something new.

“We’ve added door hangers this year, with reasons why your pile was skipped. So that way they’ll know and they can remedy the situation before we come back,” Sims said.

He also asks the community to be patient during the leaf pickup season.

“Bear with us. We’re going to try and be as efficient as we can, and if we get them out after we come through, just be patient and we will be back,” Sims said.

You can read more about the city’s leaf pickup here.

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