Law enforcement investigates murder-suicide in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — A family dispute turned fatal Monday evening.

Murder Suicide In Lexington

“About midnight, Lexington police officers were dispatched to a residence located at 443 Lakeshore Drive,” said Lexington Police Department Capt. Jeff Middleton.

Middleton says officers arrived at the residence and discovered two deceased victims.

“Our officers found two people deceased at that residence. Both individual appeared to be victims of gunshot wounds,” Middleton said.

Lexington police say that preliminary evidence points to a murder-suicide between family members of the residence.

“This was a family relationship. There was a dispute that escalated to the point where two people died, so it’s a very unfortunate set of circumstances,” Middleton said.

Lexington police say there is no community safety issue at hand.

“Based on our investigation at this point, there is no community safety issue here related to this investigation,” Middleton said.

The last homicide in Lexington occurred in 2010, making this the first in over a decade.

“This is the first homicide we’ve had in many years, so it’s not something we deal with on a very regular basis,” Middleton said.

Lexington police say they are working closely with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to find out more information.

“There’s a lot of questions that we don’t have answers to yet. We’ve asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to come in and assist us on this investigation,” Middleton said.

They hope to have more questions answered once they receive more information in the investigation.

“The victims have been sent to a Medical Examiner’s Office in Nashville for an autopsy, so obviously it’ll take some time to get the results back from those,” Middleton said.

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