Sen. Jackson visits local company helping our veterans

JACKSON, Tenn. — One local state senator took the opportunity to see what he can do to improve the life of the veterans here in Tennessee.

Ed Jackson visited American Access in Jackson on Thursday to learn about the many ways the company helps local veterans get around.

“That’s why today we’re here just to see what the needs are, and maybe we can go to work and help provide those in need,” Senator Jackson said.

He says that the tour was necessary for him to understand the impact that American Access has on the Jackson veteran community.

“This was a very valuable tour for me to see the American Access and what they do and provide wheelchair ramps for veterans in need.”

Senator Jackson says he’s concerned about the lack of resources available to some vets, and that he’s doing what he can to help.

“Our veterans, some of them are aging out and they have needs, special needs,” Jackson said. “A lot of them need wheelchair ramps so they can get in and out of their houses and businesses. They provide that here at American Access, here in Jackson.”

President of American Access, Barry Clark, says it has always been a mission of his to help those in need like himself.

“They’re too many of them out there, like myself that are getting old that need ramps, need wheelchairs and things like that,” Clark said. “So by us providing a ramp, that helps give them leg that they might not be able to have if they didn’t have a ramp to get around with.”

One local veteran says that the company has been a huge help to those who need the service.

“We see a lot of veterans that are in dire need that really don’t have the time or the resources to put in a ramp, and these guys step forward and do everything they can to get our veterans taken care of,” veteran Tom Turner said.

Officials along with Access America say they plan to make significant changes in Jackson for disabled veterans.

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