Community offers prayers following Humboldt shooting

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Community members came together at a local school following a tragedy.

“With the recent incident, we wanted to make sure that the school knew that there were people in the community that were coming together in prayer,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, with the Salvation Army.

Several community members got together outside Humboldt High School to pray.

“Prayer is something that’s supernatural. To be living in a natural world and to be able to call upon a holy, mighty and powerful God, it’s huge,” Cancia said.

Cancia says gatherings like these help the community heal.

“One of those things when tragedies happen, it’s important for people to know that there is support and that there are people that care and are offering things like prayer and other ways of support, listening ears or food, different ways that just show care and comfort,” Cancia said.

He also says praying with the community is special.

“It’s really humbling and an honor for me to pray, to pray for people that might need to hear words of encouragement and words of hope,” Cancia said.

Cancia also says it’s important to love one another during these emotional times.

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