Madison County Fire Department shares storm prep tips

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — West Tennessee saw the threat of severe weather on Friday, and could always see it again in the future.

Madison County EMA Director Jason Moore says that you should find a safe place to bunker down until such severe weather passes.

Madison County Fire Department

“You should prepare yourself just like you do any other storm. If it looks like we’re going to have tornadoes, get to the lowest spot in your house and find a good safe space. You probably have that already picked out, but that’s what you should do at home,” Moore said.

Moore says in case of a tornado, they have their EMS on standby so they can collect information after the storm and respond accordingly to any damage.

“Our emergency support functions include fire, police, health, infrastructure, your transportation departments, and your utility departments,” he said.

He also says that if you don’t have access to a ground floor, such as residents in apartments, now is the time to get with your neighbor to ensure that you all stay safe.

Madison County Fire Department

“If you’re on that second floor, you should get with your neighbors. Try to get on that bottom floor, and if not try to find a local storm shelter,” Moore said.

The fire chief says that it’s important that you have the required material needed to get through severe weather, as well as a safe space with all of your devices charged in case of an emergency.

“Charge your cell phones. Have them charged up, and have extra batteries in your flashlights. If you have a safe place already established, go ahead and put your flashlight batteries in that place because the lights may be on when you enter your safe place, but they may be out when you come out,” said Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner.

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